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Project agreement, freelancer

(Candidate, freelancer, consultant, substitute, interim)

Date: April 22, 2024



About this agreement

This is an agreement that regulates the cooperation between Marketingcapacity (hereinafter referred to as MC) and the freelancer/consultant (hereinafter referred to as the candidate). The purpose of the agreement is to establish the framework for a good collaboration, including obligations, responsibilities, and confidentiality between the parties.

It is a prerequisite for the agreement that the candidate joins and operates through a company (with a VAT number), under which they pay their social contributions and as such are their own employer. The relationship between MC and the candidate is solely B2B. MC does not undertake any responsibility as an employer and the local Employment Act’s are not applicable under this relationship. It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure this.

MC solely facilitates a potential task to the candidate in relation to the project company and assumes no responsibility for the candidate's execution of the project or the company's obligations towards the candidate, including exercising any project management or control over the candidate's work.

It is understood and accepted that the candidate as a freelancer undertakes other assignments simultaneously to this agreement with MC.

The candidate will arrange the necessary equipment such as any material, computer, cellphone etc. to be able to fulfill and successfully undertake the assignment.

Furthermore, MC does not handle taxation or assistance with any bureaucratic matters on behalf of the candidate. 

For the sake of clarity, the term “candidate” refers to the registered company under which a consultant offers their services to MC.

Title/Work area

1. Price framework and reporting

2. Client relationship

As a candidate (freelancer, substitute, consultant, etc.), it is not allowed to make direct contact with the company or negotiate prices outside of MC.

This applies from the moment the candidate is introduced to, or becomes aware of, the company/assignment (through conversation, email, meeting, or any other means), during the selection process. (before any agreement is reached), throughout the course of the assignment, and for a period of 12 months following the completion of the assignment.

If the candidate is directly contacted by the company regarding changes to the assignment (extension/shortening), new tasks, or price negotiation, the candidate is obliged to immediately contact MC with a copy of the communication and allow MC to handle the dialogue on these matters. Violation of this provision is considered a material breach that may result in liability for damages.

However, it is permitted to engage in negotiations regarding permanent employment after the project period concludes. The candidate is allowed to have discussions with the company regarding permanent employment (even during the project assignment), including engaging in dialogue and negotiations regarding the terms of such an agreement. The candidate is obligated to inform MC about such dialogue.

3. Confidentiality

The candidate must keep confidential any information that is not intended to be disclosed to third parties.

Furthermore, the candidate must maintain confidentiality of all information received about a party's business operations. The candidate may only use the materials and information received for the purpose of fulfilling contractual obligations under this agreement. All material must be returned to the company upon completion of the assignment.

This provision shall also apply after the termination of this agreement, regardless of the cause.

4. Expenses and reimbursements

Costs, expenses, additional hours worked, etc. that exceed the agreed-upon scope of the contract must be submitted to and approved by the company in advance in order to be reimbursed by the company/MC.

5. Termination of agreement or change of scope

Copenhagen April 22, 2024

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