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Agreement regarding the use of and services

Confidentiality (NDA) and candidate relations


Date: April 22, 2024

Contact person:

1: Purpose

The purpose of this agreement is to establish the framework for a good and open collaboration by ensuring that confidential information about candidates can be freely exchanged between (MC) and the company, as well as clarifying the specific conditions regarding client and candidate relationships during the facilitation process.

2: Reactivation

If the company wishes to use MC to facilitate other candidates/profiles at a later time, this agreement can be invoked by referring to it in an e-mail. Consequently, there is no need to enter into a new agreement for each individual case.

3: Confidentiality (NDA)

All information that the company obtains through the facilitation process and its work with MC/the candidate must be kept confidential from everyone, including competitors. This is to ensure that the candidate and MC can feel secure in sharing important information with the company. This obligation also applies after the facilitation period ends.

4: How we select the best candidates for collaboration and ensure a good and efficient process

1: The company can through individual inquiries, preferred job postings, position-specific postings, or with the assistance of an MC recruitment consultant invite potential candidates for a dialogue about collaboration.

2: As a starting point, it is MC who selects the candidates for an online interview. The company is provided with detailed information about the selected candidates prior to the interviews, including their hourly rates. (If initially there are not enough qualified candidates, MC will seek to expand the search in order to meet this requirement).

3: After the online interviews, the company can choose to initiate collaboration with one or more of the candidates, or refrain from doing so if none are deemed qualified.

5: Guarantees

A. Freelancer (Independent specialist/temp/consultant/Interim)

Non-binding/No-cure-no-pay: The company is not obligated to select any of MC's candidates for collaboration. Payment is only made for candidates that the company chooses to work with.

B. Recruitment for permanent employment within the company

When recruiting for a permanent position a recruitment fee is paid. The fee consists of a fixed part, as well as a fee which is conditional on employment (see point 6 below).

6: Fee

7: General terms and conditions

General terms in case the company selects a candidate for freelance collaboration:

8: The company is free to choose between 2 types of collaboration agreements:

Fixed agreement:
In this type of agreement, the company guarantees a specific number of hours per week or month. The scope is further specified in the agreement. The collaboration can be terminated with 1 week’s notice during the first month and thereafter with 1 month's notice (other terms can be agreed upon). A fixed agreement is typically chosen when the company has a stable and predictable need and wants to ensure that the candidate dedicates the necessary time and maintains the collaboration over a longer period.

Flexible agreement:
In a flexible agreement, the company is not obligated to purchase a specific number of hours but can instead agree on tasks and deadlines on an ongoing basis. The collaboration with the candidate can be terminated with 1 day's notice or upon completion of ongoing tasks. A flexible agreement is typically chosen when the company has a variable and unpredictable need that is not easily planned.

9: Process and billing basis during collaboration

During the collaboration, the candidate is required to record weekly timesheets indicating the hours worked and the respective time periods, along with a brief description for each entry. If the company does not actively object to the timesheets within a reasonable period of time, they will serve as the basis for billing hours. Billing is done on a monthly basis.

10: Securing the freelancer's payment

This agreement is hereby accepted;

For the company/

Copenhagen April 22, 2024

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