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NDA Agreement, confidentiality and client relationships

(Freelancer, consultant, specialist, temp, jobholder)

Date: April 13, 2024


About this agreement

This is an agreement that regulates the cooperation between Marketingcapacity (hereinafter referred to as MC) and the candidate/freelancer/consultant/specialist substitute/jobholder (mentioned above) in relation to exploring opportunities for the candidate's placement as a supplier/freelancer/employee in selected companies.

The purpose of the agreement is to establish the framework for a good collaboration, including duties, responsibilities, and confidentiality, so that MC can continuously facilitate relevant/desired project assignments.

Entering into this agreement does not impose an obligation on MC to provide assignments for the candidate, nor does MC guarantee any aspect or matter concerning the candidate in this regard.

1. Framework and reporting

Recruitment for freelance/consultant assignments:

The price will be determined for each task. The price will be established as: 1) An hourly rate, and 2) A description of the overall assignment, including the expected total time and completion. The candidate invoices once per month (last business day of the month) to MC in accordance with approved time/weekly sheets. Other payment and settlement terms are specified in each project agreement.

It is a prerequisite for the agreement that the amount is invoiced from a registered company (VAT number), and therefore, it is an agreement between two companies. It is not a personal employment relationship. It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure that this is maintained permanently.

Recruitment for permanent employment within the company:

In the case of recruitment for direct employment within the company, there is no requirement for a VAT number or self-employed status.

2. Client relationship

As a candidate, it is not permitted to make direct contact and/or negotiate with the client outside of MC

This applies from the moment the candidate is introduced to/becomes aware of the client/task (via conversation, email, meeting, or any other means), during the recruitment process (prior to entering into any agreement), throughout the assignment, and up to 12 months after the completion of the assignment.

If the candidate is contacted by the client with offers of employment, changes to the assignments (extension/shortening), new tasks, or price negotiations, the candidate is obligated to inform MC and let MC handle the dialogue regarding these matters. Violation of this provision will be considered a material breach.

By accepting this agreement, the candidate confirms and gives consent to:

  • MC's right to use and disclose the candidate's name and information (CV) to the relevant company, and
  • MC's ability to register the candidate with their information (CV) in accordance with the national Data Protection Act, and implementations of GDPR, and
  • MC's may communicate with the candidate via e-mail regarding relevant project opportunities, as well as other relevant news and business matters pertaining to MC's role as a facilitator for potential subcontractor opportunities and other business matters.

3. Confidentiality

All information that the candidate receives through dialogue and work with the client/company must be kept confidential from everyone, including competitors. This is to ensure that the client can feel confident in sharing important information with the candidate during the course of the assignment. This obligation also applies after the facilitation period between MC and the candidate has ended.

4. Expenses and reimbursements

Expenses, reimbursements, additional hours consumed, and any other costs beyond the scope of the agreed-upon contract must be presented and approved in order to be valid for invoicing.

5. Termination of agreement or change of scope

Please refer to the specific project agreement.

6. Possible exceptions

The candidate wishes to exclude the following companies from this agreement due to existing client relationships or connections:

Confirmed and accepted by the candidate;

Date: April 13, 2024


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