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A freelance video editor can bring your content to life and get your customers and prospects watching. Videos are more widely used than ever, and for good reason. Moving images command attention, and great videos engage through drama, emotion and insight. Videos are easy to consume, which is a quality in itself. A video editor was originally a person who cut together video footage, audio and signage. But technical developments have pushed the boundaries, so many video editors today create movies from scratch. From scripting to shooting to editing. Depending on your company's moving image needs, a skilled freelance video editor can go a long way.


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Shows: Video Editor

København N |

Visuel journalist.
Jeg kan producere nærværende tekst-, foto og videofortællinger i rollen som content creator, kommuni...

DR, Selvstændig, ...

Video, Content Marketing, Filmoptagelse,

Græsted | Freelance/Vikar

Producer / Live Stream.
Jeg afvikler digitale konferencer, tager dit Zoom/Skype/Teams møde til det næste skridt.Jeg rådg...

Dagbladet Børsen, National Museet, Publicist Klubben, ...

Filmoptagelse, Foto, Video,

København V | Freelance/Vikar

SoMe-ekspert og videojournalist.
Jeg har fleres års erfaring som videojournalist, producer og Social Media Manager. Jeg har lavet ind...

Teater Momentum, Tasty Town, Drum CPH, ...

Film redigering, Sociale Medier,

København NV | Freelance/Vikar, Fastansættelse

Freelance creative.
Hejsa!Jeg er en international minded kreativ kommunikatør, der har base i København. Jeg har en ...

Keepit, Semantic, WeBrick, ...

UX/UI, Filmoptagelse, Foto,

Holbæk | Freelance/Vikar, Fastansættelse

Kreativ Chef.
Som selvstændig videograf, hjælper jeg virksomheder med at opbygge stærke visuelle fortællinger på a...

Damkjær Medier (Selvstændig), Bladena, Bladena, ...

Video, Film redigering, Filmoptagelse,

København NV |

Jeg bliver motiveret af at skabe flot, engagerende, visuelt indhold, og jeg kan lidt af hvert, når d...

Rambøll A/S, Falck, Pentia, ...

Video, Foto,

Odder | Freelance/Vikar

Motion graphics designer.
Mit navn er Maria og jeg har været selvstændig/freelancer i 5 år.Jeg arbejder med grafisk design...

Salling Group, Fit&Sund, Forlaget Atlanten, ...

Design, Branding/identitet, Præsentationer,

Aarhus | Freelance/Vikar

Producent af kreativer.
Hej, jeg er en passioneret og dygtig postproduktionsspecialist og grafisk designer med stor erfarin...

Barma Int, Admill, Ackermann, ...

Design, Video, Content Marketing,

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By all means, a great process when using freelancers

I first used in my previous job at Secomea. It was such a good experience that I have also enlisted Carsten Bjerregaard's help in my new job. I love the concept.

Susanne Juul Hastrup, Brand and Marketing Manager

We just need to set aside some time to meet some candidates and then choose the one that suits us best

I have used to find a UX/UI employee for a web project. We wanted someone who could sit onsite with us and be involved in a closer collaboration than you would expect...

Kim Vile, Marketing Director
Fitness World

I am incredibly relieved that I have this opportunity

At DKTV, formerly Dansk Kabel TV, we have good experience with using freelancers instead of advertising agencies. We've used freelancers extensively in the 4 years I've been here, so I also know that it can be difficult - and take time - to find the right...

Maja Aagaard, Head of Product, Marketing and Communication